This is a video we have made about the Wheel of Life Balance which is a tool widely used in coaching. The purpose of this exercise is to make sure your wheel representing your life right now, is balanced, and all aspects or needs are fulfilled in the right way.  This is a great start to measuring where you are right now in your life and career journey indentifying your strengths and weaknesses. 

Simply get a blank page, draw a large circle  and create the eight categories.  From the centre mark out a number line where centre is zero and outside is ten.   Category suggestions are family and friends, finance, career, romance, personal growth, fun and creation, health, home.  Now rate yourself honestly in each category, where 0 is low satisfaction and 10 is high satisfaction. You can swap or add categories if you wish, e.g. add spirituality or socialisation.    

Think deeply and reflect on your unique personal circumstances.   

This is simply a “snapshot in time” and therefore there are no right and wrong answers.  

Join up the points on your wheel of life balance and see where you are right now.  Then prioritise which areas you would like to set goals for.  



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