In order to make your dreams or aspirations in relation to your life or career a reality you need to start setting goals. Here are top ten tips to help you.

1. Find a relaxed place

• Find a nice relaxing place in your home
• No distractions!
• Close your eyes and relax your mind
• Play some classical music which aids relaxation and the creative part of your brain.

2. Be honest with yourself.

• Do be completely honest with yourself when selecting your goals – as it will be down to you to succeed.
• Think of all the things in life you truly enjoy – things that make you smile, feel rewarded, excited about life! This can be caring for family, a hobby, voluntary work or a cause you are maybe passionate about.

3. Try to focus on yourself and your personal wellbeing and your life right now to get you started.

Think about these areas of your life to help you select some goals for yourself :-
• Personal relationships
• Career
• Finance
• Family
• Health
• Education
• Spirituality

Tip: Use the Wheel of Life Exercise in the Career Support Resources section.
4. Prioritise

• In the first stage of goal development it is fine to write down lots of goals – however, it will be necessary to narrow down your list.
• You will need to set your first priority goal.
• This may take a lot of time so be patient!
• A great way to do this is to write your top three goals down, and write the reason why you want them and how it will make you feel when you achieve success.

5. Positivity is Key

• Be completely positive when setting goals.
• Believe in yourself and your capabilities.
• Don’t be paralysed by fear of failure – the world is your oyster, go for it.
• Visualise yourself achieving your goal – smile when you are setting your goals.
• A goal must include a positive statement. For example,” I am fat and need to lose weight” is negative. The goal could be “Maintain a healthly lifestyle” which is positive.

6. Be Specfic

• You may have lots of goals, be very clear about what you REALLY want to achieve.
• Avoid vague statements as these can lead to indecision and lack of motivation.
• Set specific goals with clear statement of intent, putting in times, steps to be taken and target dates so that you can measure your achievement

7. Be Realistic

• When setting goals, make sure are realistic, can measure your progress and keep on track, which will give you a great sense of motivation.
• Set realistic times for achievement and clear steps to take to get there. As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. So true for goals, some may take time.
• Ask yourself, how will I know when I have made progress?

8. Keep your goals achievable

• Consider the reality of your life and your commitments.
• Be honest with yourself.
• Dare to dream and be motivated by all means but be mindful that there is no point in setting a goal that in your heart of hearts you know you will not reach.
e.g. I will run a marathon in two week’s time – you would probably need a lot more time than two weeks if you have not done one before.

9. Keep your goals relative and rewarding to you personally

• Set goals that are relevant to you personally. Don’t listen to others “you should try this, why not do that”..this is seriously ALL ABOUT YOU.
• Set a goal that will make you feel satisfied and rewarded when you achieve success and one that will make you feel so motivated and excited to take action that you won’t fail.

10. Set Realistic Timescales for Achievement

• Break your goals down down into time steps e.g. By end of week I will have achieved… and specify the date and even time of day if relevant.

• Rome wasn’t built in a day and this is true about goals too, small steps to achievement do take time and life can throw us of our journey sometimes so bear this in mind.

Finally, don’t ever give up on your goals for any aspect of your life, without them you are sailing along like a ship without a destination.

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