Seven Steps To Finding Your Life’s Purpose

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You’re feeling lost, you’re helpless, you’re unfulfilled, at last here’s a way to take control of your life and thrive!

Find your life’s purpose in just 7 simple steps!


  • Do you feel that the failures and disappointments in your life have made you lose confidence in yourself?
  • Are you demotivated and frustrated about your direction in life?
  • Have you like many other people during this pandemic, been forced to reflect on your circumstances and what this new reality means for you personally and financially?
  • Do you know what makes you truly happy?
  • Have you ever wondered about those people who seem to have found a job that they say doesn’t even feel life work? They would do it free as they love it!
  • Are you tired of your meaningless career and yearn for one that would make you feel proud and fulfilled, but don’t know where to start?
  • Did you leave school to get money, and took the first job you could find? Years later you are still  a wage slave because no one gave you the permission to have a career choice?
  • Do you feel unfulfilled and discontented about your current lifestyle?


This comprehensive programme is a series of seven recorded videos presented by the Career Change Academy which you can access anytime online.  This programme is accompanied by  a corresponding workbook containing practical exercises you can do at your own pace.  This will build your confidence and help you discover your passion and purpose in life.


Discovering your Life’s Purpose is about helping you step out of this hectic way of life by embracing one that will bring you happiness and fulfilment.

Does this mean that you have to give up your secure job with health benefits and your cosy home? Of course not. Instead it’s about making small step by step changes in your perception and the actions you take in order to bring more meaning to your life. .

The journey will help you to value yourself and believe in yourself, and empower you to work out what’s working right now and what isn’t. There will be plenty of opportunity for reflection and of course chances to make changes.

Discover the following benefits for yourself:-

  • Find meaning and purpose for your life
  • Take control of your life again
  • Define and live within your values
  • Feel motivated to follow your passion
  • Improve your confidence
  • Leave a legacy for your children or those of the future
  • Plan your future
  • Reach your goals
  • Be successful
  • Find happiness and fulfilment within yourself


  • One time payment of just €9.99
  • FREE SPECIAL BONUS PRINTABLE WORKBOOK to go alongside the video course to help you even further to discover your life’s purpose.
  • Lifetime access online anytime to suit your lifestyle, personal and work commitments.
  • FREE DISCOVERY CALL with Career Change Academy Coach to  help keep you on track!


We are confident you will really benefit from this video programme if you follow and act upon all the guidance and exercises provided.  However, if you are not entirely satisfied, we offer a full money back guarantee.