Sometimes, being optimistic in the face of everything going on in the world and in our personal lives is difficult. It’s good to question or be sceptical of certain people and situations that appear in our lives, but it can also cause you to miss some of the good things in life.

Living an optimistic life as opposed to a pessimistic one can actually lessen your chances to develop diseases and chronic conditions later in life. You’ve likely been around pessimistic people and left their presence feeling ‘down’ or that the world is less bright because of their outlooks. Here are some proven ways to turn your life around with optimistic thoughts:

• Don’t assume you’re going to fail. You may have failed at business or relationships in the past, but the future is a clean slate. Don’t think your negative thoughts into coming true and produce a bad ending.

• Positive affirmations help. If you’re a pessimistic person, try repeating short phrases that remind you that you’re attempting to be more positive. Affirmations such as, “I can control my attitude towards the life I live.”

• Keep busy. An idle mind can get into all sorts of trouble and begin to take negative thoughts seriously. Engage in positive activities such as taking a class, visiting friends or family, reading a good book or exercising.

• Reach out to others with positive thinking. When you hear another person expressing pessimistic thoughts, share a different perspective with them. It will also help you from turning toward pessimistic thoughts. Also be around people who are generally positive thinkers.

• Think about what you can make happen. Rather than thinking about what might happen to you, think instead of what you can do to make positive things and events happen in your life. It’s being part of the solution rather than the cause.

• Smile and be happy. Studies actually prove that when you smile, you actually begin to feel happier. For one thing, others will usually smile at you. You’ll be seen as a kinder and happier person – and, who knows – you might start to believe it.

• Don’t let life pass you by. If you continue with pessimistic thinking, you could wake up one day and realise you’ve lived a miserable life. Every single minute counts and if you spend most of it brooding about what might have been, you’ll have wasted precious time.

Taking action on your positive thoughts is imperative to living an optimistic life and having an optimistic future.

For example, if you want to go back to education or training, or want that new job or career, but think you’re not smart enough or have time enough – what might have been will never happen. Take action to live an optimistic and fuller life and go for what you really want.

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