Do you know how to find your purpose? If you posed that question to several people, the majority would likely answer no. It’s because there is a world of possibilities. People are afraid to try something new out of fear of the unknown and discovering new things about themselves might mean stepping out of their comfort zone. They often don’t know how to go about looking for what they should be doing.

You need first to ask if what you are doing now is satisfying. Put aside the bills and your income for a moment. Do you look forward every morning to going to work? How do you feel on Sunday evenings, assuming you start up work on Mondays? Do you dread having to get up in the morning on Monday, or does it excite you?

Another problem is you may feel stuck doing something in which you don’t believe in or it leaves you frustrated. Suppose you work for a company that isn’t doing right by the community. It may be legal, but you don’t feel it’s ethical. It pays well, and that is why you stick with it. 

You even like many of the people who work there. However, the company sells something that you don’t resonate with. An example of this could be working for a tobacco company or a company that pollutes your locality. You need to ask yourself if you can continue to work in an environment which doesn’t fit well with you and your beliefs and values.

You will also need to ask yourself what will it take to make changes to get out of your current situation and into something you enjoy. It may require going back to college or at least, training online. Luckily, there are several options available, and many of them are cheap or free.  At the moment there are a variety of self directed learning courses available so you can retrain even whilst working a shift pattern. 

If you find that the path is well laid out, ask yourself are you willing to put in the time and make an effort to get there and focus on your new journey or purpose? If not, maybe you haven’t truly found your purpose. You either need to continue what you are doing or find another path.  

You should explore your current situation and determine if you can change up your routine. For instance, ask your company if there are other opportunities within the organisation that you can explore. If there are, they may ask you to serve two roles (your old position and your new one) while transitioning. Working like this could require putting in overtime, etc. But, it gives you some options to start your journey to something new and exciting.

You could liaise with your Line Manager and discuss options for the future.  

Perhaps your job doesn’t exist and you need to think of creating your own role working for your own business and going self employed?

Perhaps your hobby could be a future business?

Perhaps your life’s purpose is not about your job, it could be a creating a long term relationship, or having a family?

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