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How do I access the Career Change Academy's support service?

Please forward a message through our contact form, with your email and phone number along with a brief message about what you are looking for e.g. help with CV, new career, restarting your career, interview advice, job research support etc.  We will respond to your message promptly and schedule in a FREE no obligation Career Discovery Session for you which will be done online using messenger or Zoom. 

What happens at the Career Discovery Session?

We will have an informal friendly impartial confidential discussion about what your career support needs are right now, and see if we can help you and confirm if career coaching is the correct route for you.  It may be necessary to get you to undertake a short survey or career assessment if you require further clarity on your next steps.  If you would then like to take advantage of our career support service, we can discuss a suitable package for your needs, to help you reach your career goals.  We will also clarify what you can expect from our service and what you need to do to get the most from it and we will set up a Career Support Coaching Agreement between us, clarifying our roles and responsibilities.   

How much are the Career Support Packages?

At the FREE Career Discovery Session we will discuss the package options with you dependent on your needs at the time.  We have different packages available to suit your individual needs and career goals.  

Is this service impartial and confidential?

We have no connection with any other body, e.g. Welfare, Revenue, Job Path Programme, so you can be assured of total confidentiality.  Confidentiality is also part of our coaching agreement which we mutually sign.  

What is Career Support Coaching is not right for me?

If Career Support Coaching is not right for you at this time don’t worry, you are very welcome to join our mailing list and access our facebook page for free resources.  We may also be able to direct to you other agencies that may offer the support you require.  In other words, you have nothing to lose by booking a FREE Career Discovery Session.  At the very least, you will get free advice and some clarity for yourself. We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and supportive service.  

Is not having a degree stopping you in your career tracks?

Is not having a degree stopping you in your career tracks?

We felt compelled to write a short article on the degree culture we seem to find ourselves in after reading this article on “Degree Inflation”. Now more than ever having a degree is becoming a mandatory requirement for most jobs. The fact that someone has perhaps thirty years to offer in experience and skills can be overlooked because they don’t have a degree. From speaking to a lot of job seekers in the midlife bracket it is becoming an inreasing barrier. More so as there is an increasingly challenging competitive job marketplace as so many people are being made redundant or seeking a career change.