There are many reasons to volunteer, not only does it make you feel fulfilled and positively impacts your community or a cause close to your heart, it can be an invaluable way of progressing your career.  Here are my ten top reasons for volunteering. 1. If you have...

Practicing Simple Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is a hot topic right now and for a good reason. Mindfulness has been shown to have a range of benefits and can improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Whether you want to practice mindfulness to help you deal better with stress or to help you...
How To Live An Optimistic Life

How To Live An Optimistic Life

Sometimes, being optimistic in the face of everything going on in the world and in our personal lives is difficult. It’s good to question or be sceptical of certain people and situations that appear in our lives, but it can also cause you to miss some of the good...
Ten Top Tips To Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Ten Top Tips To Overcoming Negative Thoughts

All of us fall prey to negativity at some times in our lives and especially when we are going through difficult times such as in current weeks. There have been many studies done that show negative thoughts can lead to negative things happening. Think about a day when...

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