Welcome To The Finding Your Life’s Purpose Seven Step Programme

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PURCHASE of this Seven Step Programme to Finding your Life’s Purpose by the Career Change Academy.  We hope you find it interesting and inspiring.

Please review each video separately, and use alongside the exercises in our WELCOME BONUS GIFT a downloadable workbook to make sure you get the most from this video course.  It is helpful to review each video individually.  Then complete the exercises recommended for each video before moving on to the next step in the programme.  Give yourself plenty of time to review, reflect and think about the content before proceeding through the programme.  There are no right and wrong answers in this process as everyone is a unique individual so just be honest with yourself as you move through the programme.  

As an ADDITIONAL gift we would also like to give you a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with one of our Career Change Academy Coaches to support you on your journey in this programme.   There is no catch here and this offer comes with no obligation,  just a chance for us to support you as we really want you to get the most from this programme.

Please reach out to us if you need advice or guidance by emailing: admin@careerchangeacademy.com

We wish you much success in your journey to find your life’s purpose and we hope to connect with you very soon.  Our very best wishes and thanks for your purchase!   

Step 1 – Defining Your Life’s Purpose

Step 2 – Goal Setting 

Step 3 – Taking Action

Step 4 – Overcoming Fear

Step 5 – Developing a Positive Mindset

Step 6 – Patience & Persistence 

Step 7 – Coaching – “Someone that Believes in You”

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