Who is the Career Change Academy for?


 Are you feeling frustrated and undervalued in your present job?

 Have you been stuck in a rut and lack the confidence to break out and claim your ideal job? 

 Although we are all on our own life path and have our own barriers we must remember that we are all uniquely beautiful and talented.  We bring with us a wealth of life experience and transferable skills and therefore deserve to achieve our career potential.  

Each one of us can recall a time when we had childhood dreams for an ideal job until life got in our way.

 We may have had to leave education early to get an income and ended up in jobs with no prospects, had no support or encouragement from parents, felt let down by the educational system,  became a full time mother at home with children, a carer or became unwell.    

 For whatever reason we lost confidence and belief in ourselves to ever achieve your true career calling. 

 Career Change Academy has been set up to offer confidential and impartial career support coaching, advice and resources if you can relate to any of the above.  

 Our mission is to empower ladies at a career crossroads to restart or reignite their career journey.

 Whether it’s a brand new job, self employment, an additional income,  professional training or personal development you need, we are here to help you on your journey

To do that, we listen to your story carefully, and empower you to have the confidence and support to unlock your potential, by motivating and inspiring you to take action to achieve your career goals.  We have a range of packages available to suit everyone no matter what stage you are at in your career change journey.  

Our Vision, Mission & Values 




The vision of the Career Change Academy is to empower as many people as possible to find their purpose, reach their career potential and have a fulfilling career that makes them happy, confident, contented and proud of their achievements.    



We recognise that everyone no matter what their start in life, has a wealth of unique skills and experience to bring to their career.  We want to help them explore their career aspirations, understand themselves and their capabilities. grow in confidence and get the career they deserve.  Life is too short to feel unhappy and unfulfilled.



We have PASSION to really empower and help you achieve your career goals and aspirations.

We RESPECT and value each individual’s uniqueness, strengths and capabilities.

We uphold the highest standards of INTEGRITY in the way we coach our clients.

We offer a high QUALITY service to exceed expectation with the highest standards of customer care at all times.







Don’t Wait Any Longer.

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